Privacy Policy of IRG Digital:

IRG Digital has explicit privacy policies. We are committed to protecting your personal information that you provide us. Our privacy policy explains our process and what information we take from our clients. We don’t disclose your personal information to anyone. We advise you to read this privacy policy so you know our commitment to your privacy.

What Services Do We Provide?

IRG Digital is considered as the most trusted and professional digital services provider in the US. We provide topnotch digital services to our clients and customers. Our main purpose is to satisfy our clients and to gain their trust. We mainly provide Internet, TV, Phone and Security services. We at IRG Digital are determined to help you out at every time. We only recommend taking services that are feasible and exactly according to your needs. Our services are the most unique and our pricing of different bundles and deals is clear and transparent.

Information We Collect:

We collect and gather information through different sources like when you contact our customer services, we ask for your phone number, full name, email, house address and any other detail that is necessary for placing an order. You also provide your payment details, we collect your social security number, banking related information. We also take information about your order. This is necessary for your order completion. That includes your billing and shipping information. As well as, packaging selections or other details required for placing an order. Demographic information may also be required. It includes your age, income, house ownership, family members, etc.

Information Usage:

In Addition to the uses listed above, we use your information only to personalize and suggest offers according to our clients. We use your information to make our website better. We use it for better customer experience. Our privacy policy only allows us to use your information if it is necessary to operate our website or conducting business. We may release your information to legal authorities (If necessary). However, the information that is general and not personal may be used for advertising or marketing.

Information Security:

We protect your personal information from third parties. We acknowledge that there is always a threat to your information. We at IRG Digital take it very seriously. We use every measure to ensure that your information is safe with us. We work very seriously for the security and integrity of our system.


We may change our privacy policies in the future without giving any prior notice.Keep checking updates on our privacy policy.