How Frontier Home Phones can save time and lives

Each year, an estimated 240 calls are received by 911, which indicates the constant stress and congestion under which the emergency services operate, and the high probability of someone missing out on emergency care. This, also means that, a stable and clear connection is imperative under emergency circumstances in order to avoid disruption in communication. Phones like Frontier Home Phone, could prove the difference between timely action and lethal delay.

In June 1815, at the battle of Waterloo, an unforgivable error by one of Napoleon’s general, led to the end of Napoleonic wars and in effect Napoleon himself. Napoleon, though a brilliant general, was still dependent on the ability of his generals to follow time. His campaign hinged on a crucial maneuver in the battle, where his general was supposed to attack the retreating British artillery, to give Napoleon strategic advantage. Much to Napoleon’s dismay, his dreams of a victory crashed, when he fixed his sight on the charging British infantry which he had wished his general have dealt with. Instead, he was defeated in the battle of Waterloo, as a consequence of delay on part of his general, proving once again the significance of timeliness. History, with high frequency, affirms the value of time. A few seconds, could determine the outcome of a great event.

Technology, however, grants us the impetus to achieve more with less toil. It also helps in time management. Today, with minimum effort, a person can avail the services of Frontier Home Phones by simply ordering it at IRG Digital, and gain access to a secure, crisp, and stable connection, which will not fail you when need presses. Since, Frontier Home Phones, work even when the power is out, connecting to 911 in case of emergency is not an issue. Moreover, advance features like; call forwarding, unlimited local and long distance calls, caller ID, all at affordable prices, makes life easier. While, those in antiquity, were not fortunate to reap the benefits of technology, they have left enough vital lessons for us to do so.

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