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Spectrum Home Phone

Up to 28 popular calling features

Unlimited local and long distance calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Northern Mariana Island

FREE 411 Directory Assistance, Voicemail, Readable Voicemail, Private Listing and more

No added fees like the phone company charges

AT&T Home Phone

Unlimited local and nationwide long distance calling

Caller ID and Call Waiting

Three-Way Calling

xfinity Home Phone

You’ll have reliable home phone service and great call clarity. You’ll also get enhanced features like Caller ID across multiple screens. And if that wasn’t enough, xfinity Voice also offers unlimited calling to nearly half the world, keeping you connected with distant friends and family all across the globe.

Includes call waiting and 3 way calling

Voicemail you can check online

Universal caller ID on your TV

Windstream Home Phone

Unlimited Nationwide Calling

Unlimited international calling to landlines in Canada and Mexico

Phone Modem Equipment Included

Keep Your Existing Number

Frontier Home Phone

Reliable During Emergencies

Secure Call Quality

Work From Home

HughesNet Home Phone

Unlimited local and long-distance calling in the domestic U.S. and Canada PLUS two optional calling plans for International calls to the most frequently called countries

Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail and more

Keep your same phone number or choose a new one**

You’ll receive FREE HughesNet Voice equipment with your order — a $75 value†

CenturyLink Home Phone

Get a home phone you can always rely on

Get a home phone you can count on even during a power outage. And with CenturyLink® Unlimited Nationwide Calling, you can talk all day anywhere in America for one low flat rate


Find home phone service in your area

IRG Digital helps you shop and compare the home phone service options available near you. We’ll show you landline phone service providers in your area, along with plans and pricing to choose from. Our partners include well-known home phone service providers like AT&T, Verizon and Spectrum, which means you’ll get quality service at affordable prices. No matter which phone plan you select, Allconnect is always free to use.Call Now (888) 243-8185

Best Phone Services near me?
Providers like Frontier, Spectrum and XFINITY offer standalone home phone plans with TV and internet bundling options to save money on your monthly bill. However, some providers, like AT&T and Verizon, do not offer landline phone as a single service and require a double service bundle with internet or TV. Check out some pros and cons of a few home phone service providers that may be available in your area.
AT&T Phone

Unlimited calling in the U.S., Mexico, Canada and U.S. territories

20+ integrated calling features

Digital phone service has to be bundled with at least internet or TV and is not offered as a standalone service

Frontier phone

Per minute and unlimited plans offered

Over 20 custom calling features

Unlimited U.S. and Canadian calling with select bundles

Frontier phone service has to be bundled with internet or TV and is not offered as a standalone service

Spectrum phone

Single-service phone plans start at $29.99*

No contract commitment

28 calling features, including: Call Forwarding, Block Anonymous Calls, Block Caller ID and more

Bundles best with Spectrum TV and internet to save

Service is carried through phone lines, so you may experience weather-related service outages


Standalone home phone starts at $29.99*

No contract required

1-year price guarantee

Talk to places like Canada, China, India, Mexico, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Puerto Rico

Limited calling features

Verizon phone

Calling features include: Caller ID, Enhanced Call Forwarding, Locate Me, Calendar Synchronization and more

Pair with Verizon internet or TV for extra savings

Not as cost-effective as other phone service plans

No standalone phone plans are available. Phone service must be bundled with internet or TV service

2-year contract is mandatory with service

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