CenturyLink tv packages

Centurylink TV Packages

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185+ Channels View Channel

$ 45.00 /mo
Taxes, charges, and other conditions may apply.
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235+ Channels View Channel

$ 55.00 /mo
Taxes, charges, and other conditions may apply.
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DIRECTV®  Ultimate

250+ Channels View Channel

$ 60.00 /mo
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CenturyLink is providing quality services in TV channels. They have different bundles with different prices. CenturyLink TV packages are offering wide range of HD channels for their customers.
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Directv Choice
CenturyLink has three different bundles with different number of channels in each of them. Directv Choice has more than 185 channels for the viewers. Television has its own importance among all other media. It provides a lot of information about a variety of topics. More channels means more options to watch. You can learn about different cultures and countries.
CenturyLink TV services are contributing a big part in quality services. They are giving many options for the viewers. Amazing price of $45.00 for a month with more than 185 channels seems a reasonable deal.
Directv XTRA
This bundle is more than 235 channels. There are so many channels that you can watch. If you are interested in politics you can watch news channels and see what is happening on the political horizon of the world. President Trump is on the tour of japan these day. You can watch what he is up to during his tour. He was spotted enjoying Sumo wrestling. British Prime Minister Theresa May recently resigned due to the Brexit issue. You can know about the latest news from all around the world with expert opinions.
Television helps you develop your own opinions about the different matters. You can get the XTRA bundle for just $55.00 a month.
Directv Ultimate
As the name dictates, it is the ultimate bundle the CenturyLink has to offer for the customers. 250 plus channels helps viewers to get in touch with variety of channels. You can watch movies, TV shows and a number of show on different topics. You can watch biggest Sporting events from all around the world. IRG Digital is providing the best services of CenturyLink Television packages. You can get ultimate bundle for just $60.00 per month.