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IRG Digital provides a lot of digital services in Arkansas. If we talk about TV then Arkansas residents top the charts with their average TV watching hours. The average TV watching time in Arkansas is 3:24:52. Arkansas’ most favorite TV watching genre is Soap opera. If we look at internet connectivity, the stats are not very promising. Arkansas is referred to as the 50th most connected state in the USA. There is only 75% of broadband coverage. 32% of the population is underserved by the internet. The average internet speed is 31.1 Mb/s all over Arkansas. 78 percent of Arkansas has access to wire broadband of 25mb/s or faster. Around 60 percent of Arkansans have access to wire broadband 100mb/s or faster. Only 15 percent of Arkansans have access to 1 Gigabyte internet speed. As I said earlier, Arkansas isn’t known as a very connected state but it’s not a problem for us. IRG Digital Arkansas is providing the best internet and other digital services all across Arkansas. Hit us up if you need any information regarding our services.

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Arkansas is called the land of opportunity for a reason. Apart from its slow internet connectivity, this state still has many options for its residents and if you are in search of the best internet or other digital services at the most affordable rates then you have come to the right place. IRG Digital Arkansas is determined to provide its customers with the best experience in digital services. Call us with any queries you have in your mind because our customer agent is trained and willing to guide you through the whole process. The natural state of Arkansas has a lot of people in need of digital services worthy of their hard-earned money.

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IRG Digital Arkansas is the best source for digital services in this highly competitive market.

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IRG Digital is the leading company in supplying and dealing with digital services all over the US. We have the best employees and customer service, agents. Working 24/7 and all week to provide you with the best digital experience. We have crystal clear policies regarding our pricing and bundles. We don’t hide any specific details and we provide you with honest and money-saving opinions. Customers are our topmost priority. We have been working for a long time in this field and we have a lot of experience in this.


Customer satisfaction is the backbone of any business that wants to succeed and prosper. Customer-dealer the relationship is the top priority of any firm or business determined to succeed. Our main goal is to ensure that our customers get the best packages and deals in the most affordable rates possible. We hire the best customer service agents with years in this field who are well trained and know your demands and usages. Give us a try and you won’t be disappointed with our services.


Customer maintenance is really necessary. We give follow up calls to our customers. We never leave them alone with their issues. We answer all their queries and questions profoundly and clearly. We don’t leave any details. Just enter your zip code and give us a call, IRG Digital Arkansas promises the best digital service experience all over Arkansas.